Clients Testimonials


Hi Anita
I wanted to thank you so much for the wonderful job you and your team did today. My mom was really
pleased with the rooms. She said she never dreamed they would look so good. She was happy that her
house still looked like her house. She was so emotional about this move and you made it a much easier
experience. You put her at ease with the first visit. You had a way of making something so big and scary
for her look manageable. I will definitely recommend you to others.
Thanks again

--- Kathy H.,


Anita brings great skill in spatial analysis and design to the table. She was able to help me take my parents from a
four-bedroom house to a two-bedroom, 500-square-foot setup in their new home. With her vision and expertise,
I was able to set up a miniature version of their home – taking far more furniture, artwork, etc., than I could have
imagined. She did it beautifully. She guided me through a very quick morning of marking items in their home,
helping me understand exactly what my parents would need. Her great moving team then arrived and packed. I
met them at the new facility that afternoon to unload. They treated everything with care, including me because I
had my moments of being up and down. The next day, Anita and her colleague arrived to help me set up the
space – hanging pictures, drapes, putting away clothes. This gave me the time I needed to focus on paperwork
and also adding those special little touches I knew would mean a lot to my mom, like arranging her treasures just
Anita’s services are extremely important in times like these. I needed her support and expertise and am so
thankful that she was available to help.

--- Elizabeth S.,


“Anita, just sitting here taking it all in! You did a fantastic job with everything yesterday! I am. So happy and
pleased with everything you did! You are simply amazing! What a gift you have and thank you so much for
giving to me your love and time and patience. You are my new daughter if that is okay with you. I love you as
one! Your Mother is indeed proud of you! I’m so happy we met and I’m proud of you! Thank you, Thank you,
thank you! Have a blessed da y! Love! ”
Jeri ——-

--- Jeri D.,


Thank you once again for the outstanding support you provided during my mother’s move last week. Your
leadership, patience, and ability to plan and implement should be recognized. I knew that you had what it takes
to motivate my 89 year-old mother to scale down and make prudent selections for moving when we first
met. Your follow-up visit with us to finalize movement of her most valuable treasures and where they would go
best in her new home was helpful and validating. The movers did a great job of packing carefully, were
professional and obviously enjoy working with you. The layout and decor of her new home is absolutely lovely,
thanks to your talent and taste. She raves daily about what a good job you did. Thank you so very much.

--- Melisa M.,


Thank you so much, Anita!! You and your team are amazing! We would have never been able to do all you did in such a short amount of time. It looked beautiful and mama was pleased. She reacted much better than we thought she would(thankfully). I brought a couple ladies in to meet her and that seemed to help. We saw a lady from our church that ate with us and helped a lot. Anyway I was so stressed I forgot to thank you and tell you what an amazing job you did!!! Thank you for helping make a really hard day much easier! I would recommend you to everyone. If you need me to write a letter I would love to. Thanks again!!

--- Susan Mc.,


With over 9 offers to buy the house in the first three days these
results were more than overwhelming. It was truly exciting, and left
me in awe to say the least.
Your attention to all the myriad of details was a tribute to your
professionalism and the expertise that you bring to your double
professions. Your friendly communications in regards to both
projects was timely and kept me at a level of comfort that everything
was in good hands, and there was nothing for me to be concerned
Please feel free to use me as well as this letter as a reference at any
time! You have earned my highest level of trust, praise and
appreciation for the professional and caring person you are.

--- Gary G.,