Frequently Asked

Common Questions about Downsizing

You can complete the contact form on this website or call our offices at 770-842-9174.
Generally, you will work with one or two of our employees so that they can know your needs and keep the plan on track.
We can generally begin working with our clients within a week to 10 days from our initial visit. At that time, we discuss the scope of work and create a detailed plan for the assistance you need.
We offer downsizing services and can help you decide what to keep, sell or give away. Coordinating hauling company and freight company pick up, and taking items to charity are just a few of our services.
Local stores like UPS can crate and send furniture to other locations. Also, freight companies can assist you if items are large or you have several things to send to one person.
If you have tried to give items away to charity and you have things that they won't such as old TVs and electronics, you can take some items to recycling centers or you can have a trash hauling company pick up items for removal.These companies have minimum charges per load and you should make sure you have identified most of the items that need to be removed before calling them to make their trip is cost effective. Remember, they will charge additional fees for items such as paint and mattresses.
Once you have selected your new home and you know the furniture items you will be taking, it is a good time to begin weeding out the years of accumulation. It is best to begin right away at a slow and steady pace because many people can only work at these tasks in 1 to 2 hours at a time. Once you begin, you can better gauge your pace so that you can take your time without becoming overwhelmed.
Yes, some local charities and thrift stores will pick up items you no longer want. Calling them will be the easiest way to see which ones require that you leave items outside or if they will come inside to pick up things you wish to donate.
Selling unwanted items can be a challenge. Individual items can be taken to or picked up by a local consignment shop or it you have enough for an estate sale, a company specializing in these sales can be contracted to conduct either an internet sale or a traditional on-site estate or tag sale. Auction houses can be good options if they are available in your area.
Since it can be overwhelming to look at everything that needs to be done in its entirety, we suggest you start in an area that can be easily managed such as a guest room. Label items that you wish to keep, those items that you will be giving away to family or donating, and items you wish to sell. Once this is done, call a charity or take items to a donation drop off location. Next, call family members and let them know they will need to pick up the items your are giving them. If there are items that need to be discarded, remove them from the space and soon you will be left with just those items you want to keep for your new home.